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Sparklers - What have we been up to?

Communication and Language/Literacy

We have been doing lots of work based upon 'The Enormous Turnip' and 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' that is helping us develop our Communication and Language and also our Literacy skills.

Expressive Arts and Design

Throughout this term we have improved our expressive arts and design skills through different themes, including; Winter, Bonfire Night and through our Literacy topics.


In Maths we have learning about and improving our skills across a variety of strands in the Framework - these have been linked to other areas, including; PSED, PD and EAD.

Physical Development

Throughout the Autumn term we have strived to improve ALL of our PD competencies and have done it through the other 6 areas of learning as well as through dedicated PD sessions.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

During the first term of the 2022/2023 year we have done lots of work with the children to try to hone their PSED. This has been done through all areas of the EYFS framework and also through specific PSED sessions.

Understanding The World

The UTW area of the Early Years framework encompasses all of the other 6 areas and through these we have extended the children's skills and knowledge so that they have a greater understanding of their world and the wider world.