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Class 2 - What have we been up to?

KS2 Christmas Party

All the children had a fantastic time at the Christmas Party. We played lots of party games; pass the parcel, musical statues and 'four corners' to name a few, as well as having some delicious goodies donated by the school community. A deserved treat after a very busy term.

History Enrichment Afternoon

As part of our History topic of Crime and Punishment we had visitors from Lancashire Constabulary and the PCSO department. This enabled the children to experience first hand how crime and punishment is different from other eras. They took part in trying on uniforms, breaking out of handcuffs, finger print analysis and being breathalysed - luckily nobody was over the limit!

Christmas Nativity

The children performed "It's a Baby" Nativity this year, telling us one of the most important stories ever told. For the children in Class 2, this was the first time that they have performed in front of an audience in a couple of years. They took on the role of the choir and they were all amazing, and all the staff were very proud of them. 

History Enrichment Activities

Through our investigation into Crime and Punishment during the Victorian Era, the children took part in traditional punishments to see how they would feel (N.B. No children were hurt during these activities!!).

Picking Oakum - children had to set in rows and finely pick apart the strands of the rope without talking to or looking at anyone.

Shot Drill - children had to lift the heavy objects, move it to the next space and put it down. Repeat again and again and again.

The Treadwheel - children had to step up onto the bench, stand straight, step down and then step back up with the other foot. Keep repeating.

Silence and Isolation - children had to hold the end of a skipping rope in each hand and keep them taught between the 'prisoners'. They ah to keep moving around the room without the rope becoming slack. No talking or communication was allowed.


The children found it fascinating on how crimes were punished during the Victorian Era.

Wreath making 


Today, the children had the opportunity to make their own class Advent Wreaths. They all worked well together and talked about the symbolic objects that are placed on the wreath. Thank you to Mrs Billington for coming in and supporting the children. 

RE - Advent 

PSHE - Working collaboratively

D + T - Photograph Frames

During this Design and Technology topic the children had to design, make and evaluate their photograph frames that were made for a specific purpose. Through the process, the children had to find ways to make paper stronger, make a stable structure that would stand up, design an aesthetically pleasing design and then construct it. I'm sure you'll agree, the results are fantastic.

Remembrance Sunday 

All the children were very respectful during our school Remembrance service. 

Some of the children then represented our school at the Cenotaph on Sunday. 


They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

History: World War I and II
PSHE: Community 

Roald Dahl - 13th September 

Today, we celebrated Roald Dahl day with a house quiz. The children really enjoyed working together and answering the different questions about Roald Dahl's life and his successes. 

English: Stories from a familiar author - Roald Dahl 

PSHE: Teamwork

Beacon Fell Trip - July 2022


The children had a fantastic day at Beacon Fell, the activities were led by Mr Harding from Cardinal Allen High School. These included Orienteering, Pond Dipping, Mini Beast Hunt and Den Building. 

Orienteering- PE - Outdoor Adventurous Activities

Mini Beast - Science- Living things in their habitats 

Den Building - DT / PSHE 

Pond Dipping- Science - Animals 



Other Beacon Fell pictures

Year 6 Treat Trip 

Year 6 have been to Brockholes on their treat trip today. It was a fantastic day, with children and staff taking part in Laser Clay Shooting, Krazy Karts and Archery. Well done to all involved. 

PSHE - teamwork 

PE- Shooting and Archery 


Football Competition

Ten members of Class 2 represented our school in an interschool football competition. Every member of the team worked hard and supported each other. Fantastic effort from everyone and all the staff are very proud of you. 

PE - Football skills and communication

Year 5 Activity Day at Saint Aidan's High School 

Year 5 children have had a fantastic day at St Aidan's High School. They had lesson on Astronomy, the children asked some fabulous and in depth questions. Next was music singing, playing instruments and computer generated mixes. Then pond dipping in science, finding lots of bugs. The last lesson was maths, starting with times table bingo then jumping frogs puzzle.

Science- Astronomy / Animals in their habitats

Music - composing and playing

Maths- multiplication recall

Commonwealth Baton 

What a fantastic opportunity taking part in the Baton Relay. Thank you to Fleetwood Charity for bringing it to us. Every pupil in school and nursery got to have a turn with the baton before sending it on its way to St John's. It was lovely to see family members supporting us as it left the school!

Queen's Platinum Jubilee

It was lovely to be able to celebrate such a momentous occasion with our wider community. The children were invited to dress up as members of the Royal Family and they entertained the crowds with their singing. 

History - The Royal Family

Design and Technology 

Class 2 researched, designed and made Moon Buggies involving a simple electronic circuit. They had to follow a set of instructions making sure that all the different elements were cut accurately. There was a great amount of teamwork supporting each other in order to make a buggy that moved. 

Design and Technology- Moveable vehicles 

Using a range of tools to measure and cut

Maths- measuring and cutting accurately

English- following instructions and writing the method

PSHE - teamwork and communication



The children in Year 5 took an active part in Bikeability. They had to complete various assessments to show that they were competent riders before they were allowed to progress to riding on the road. Once on the roads, they learnt how to position their bikes correctly and how to signal safely to tell other road users what their intentions were. All the children passed all the assessments, and proudly received a badge and certificate at the Celebration Assembly. 

PSHE - Road Safety 

PE- staying active 

Bird Feeder Workshop

Mr Harding from Cardinal Allen High School led a workshop creating bird feeders. The children had to follow instructions carefully. They used recycled bottles which initiated a conversation about how we can reuse lots of different waste items. After completing the bird feeders, the children then took them to our outdoor space to enhance the nature areas. 

PSHE - Recycling and Teamwork 

Science- Living things and their habitats 

English- Following instructions  

Road and Fire Safety 

A representative from Lancashire Fire and Rescue service came to work with all children from Year 2 to Year 6. She discussed what to do in the event of a fire and how to exit the house safely. The children soon learn that they needed to use the back of the hand to check for heat as they approached a closed door. They were all able to demonstrate the "Stop, Drop and Roll" technique. Year 5 and 6 also discussed road safety and the laws relating to using high back booster seats. 

PSHE- Fire and Road Safety 

Toys through the Eras 

The children spent some time looking a toys from different eras. They looked at the similarities and differences, and noted that since the start of the 1900s, dolls and action figures have always been popular.  

History - Toys through the ages

A Victorian Kitchen

During this session, the children were taught all about the Traditional Christmas Pudding, how it was made and where all the ingredients come from. The children were surprised to find out that ginger had travelled the furthest. 

D+T- Food technology 

Geography- where the ingredients have come from

History - Christmas traditions 

Visiting Father Christmas 

We were all fortunate enough to visit Father Christmas. He explained what Victorian children would receive in their stockings and why they were significant. 

History - Victorian Era 

PSHE/ RE - thinking about the less fortunate


The children were given a set of instructions to create a cornucopia to hang on their trees. They had to use their skills to make their decoration. Those that managed it got a little treat to take home. 

Maths- 3d shapes and nets

Speaking and Listening- following instructions 

Art and Design - collaging,

Glow Dodgeball 

The children in Class 2 had a fantastic time playing Glow Dodgeball. They had a training session first to develop their skills and then went into a mini tournament between our 4 house teams. 

PE- developing team work and ball skills

Advent Wreath Making - December 2021

The children in Class 2 created an Advent Wreath. We discussed the different symbolism and what they mean for us. This wreath will now be used in all our Prayer and Liturgies. 


RE - Advent- preparing for Christmas 

Witches and Wizards Disco 

On Thursday 21st October, the children were invited to a Witches and Wizards Disco. They went on a trail to find lots of goodies in our school grounds, it was fantastic to see the older children taking care of the younger ones. They enjoyed lots of party games, dancing and food. 


Witches and Wizards 

The children had the opportunity to dress up as Witches and Wizards for the day. The lessons were themed around this, including reading parts of Harry Potter and completing spooky maths problems. 


Daily Mile 


We have reintroduced the Daily Mile to the children. Dependent on the weather, the children usually run 7 laps of the field during the afternoon breaktime. This week, we have timed the children to see how long it took them to run the mile. We will do the same after October half to see if individual fitness levels have improved. 



All the children had a fantastic day learning all about Quidditch and playing the game. Throughout the day there were numerous opportunities to work in a team and develop certain skills. 

PE- Teamwork and games

RE- Moses

Year 3 and 4 made these props to act out and describe the life of Moses.  

RE - Significant people in the history of the Church 

English- drama 

The Lunchtime Library - September 2021

To encourage the love and joy of reading, we have introduced The Lunchtime Library which takes place every Tuesday and Friday lunchtime.
The library is set up outside in the playground, where children can borrow a book to share with a friend or read quietly by themselves. The older children, and members of staff, read stories to our younger children who are just starting out on their reading journey. 
As you can see, the children are really enjoying using the library and we have had a very successful first week of being open!

School Council - September 2021


Well done to all the children who prepared their school council speeches. You all came up with some good ideas and it was a hard decision who to vote for. 

Well done to the following children- George, Lilly- May, Anabelle, Lily, Alex and Emily. 

Leavers Lunch - 20th July 2021


The year 6 children sat together with staff to eat a lovely lunch provided by our cook. We had the slide show of photos running, and it was great to reminisce with the children about their time at Saint Williams. 

The year 6 children enjoyed a trip to the lakes as their treat trip. They worked as a team to complete the course, as one of the boys said, "I couldn't have completed the last part without my friends."

Saint William's Ice Cream Parlour - Treat Trip 2021

All the children have been earning dojo points throughout the year. The winners were meant to be visiting a local ice cream parlour, unfortunately, due to covid, this had to be adapted. We set up our own ice cream parlour at school for the children to make their own. It was enjoyed by all! 


Well done to all the children that were in the top 20 scorers.