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With God we are strong together; we can achieve together.

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School Values

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School Ethos


"With God we are strong together; we can achieve together."


School Aims

  • To foster a growth of commitment to the love and service of Christ through the teaching and practices of the Catholic Church.                                                        
  • To teach the knowledge and skills relevant to the individual needs of all our pupils.
  • To develop positive attitudes towards learning so that our pupils may grow in confidence and strive for even greater levels of achievement.
  • To provide a stimulating and caring environment where self-discipline, respect for others and good manners are valued and encouraged.
  • To educate the whole child supporting the development of happy, confident, caring, responsible future citizens who know themselves and the world in which they live.
  • To address the requirements of the National Curriculum by resourcing and  creating a wide range of learning opportunities.
  • To develop positive links with parents, governors, children, staff and the wider community to enable the school to play a full and active role in the community which it serves.
  • To strive for the highest possible standards of behaviour and all-round achievement.

Mission Statement


Saint William's Catholic Primary School Mission Statement

Alongside our families, parish and community, St William's will work together to ensure that each child will be taught as an individual.

We will help each child to reach their full potential through fun and engaging learning, in a safe, warm and caring environment.

We will teach them to live, love and learn in the way Jesus taught us.