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Class teacher: Mrs Higginson 

Nursery assistant: Miss Armer & Mrs Houghton 

About Sparklers Nursery


At Sparklers we have children from 2-4yrs and accept the FREE early years entitlement for all 3 and 4year olds and some 2 year old children.  At Sparklers we aim to create a caring learning environment in partnership with parents. We believe that every child is unique and we encourage each child to show their uniqueness. Children can be creative and explore the environment, being adventurous in safety. Sparklers is designed to encourage children to learn independently in a fun, safe, secure and healthy environment.

The staff are carefully selected, not only for their professional childcare qualifications and experience, but also for their personal qualities and their commitment to provide each child with quality care and their continuing enthusiasm to develop their skills with further training.

At our setting we aim to:

  • Create a stimulating, caring and safe environment where each child’s individual needs are met and where they can develop creativity, individuality and self-confidence in secure surroundings.
  •  To treat each child as an individual and recognise and celebrate individuality and diversity which helps promote a rich learning environment.
  • Promote the development of self confidence with all children and families in partnership with parents and careers.
  • Support parents and carers to develop the needs of their children both in the setting and at home.


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