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Latest Results

Key Stage 2 Results for 2022

This is the most recent year's published data due to no formal assessments going ahead due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Children were assessed using internal standardised tests and teacher assessment for 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 cohorts.


Number of pupils eligible for assessment: 3

Number of boys: 3

Number of girls:0



 % Expected +% Higher LevelAverage Scale Score
School (2022)100%33.3%107.7
Local (2022)48%26.1%104.5
National (2022)N/A28%105.0



 % Expected +% Higher LevelAverage Scale Score
School (2022)33.3%0%N/A
Local (2022)55.6%12.8%N/A
National (2022)56.6%13%N/A



 % Expected +% Higher LevelAverage Scale Score
School (2022)100%66.7%110.0
Local (2022)


National (2022)N/A23%104.0


Reading, Writing and Maths Combined

 % Expected +% Higher Level
School (2022)33%0%
Local (2022)N/A6.6%
National (2022)N/A7%


Average Progress Scores

Average Reading Progress0.8                                      
Average Writing Progress-7.2
Average Maths progress4.3