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Lion Class (Class 2)

Welcome to the Lion Class



Lion class - mornings 

In Lion Class, we have pupils from year 3, 4, 5 and 6, taught by Miss Solloway, Mrs Hogarth. 

During the morning, the year 3 children join the Meerkat class whilst the rest of the KS2 remain in the Lion classrom.  

Lions are taught English and Maths with differentiated work suited to the indivudal children. 

Guided Reading and Phonics is streamed across the school ensuring children are receiving support at an appropriate level. 


Class 2- afternoons 

The following subjects are taught in the afternoon; PE, RE, ICT, Geography, History, Science, Art and Design Technology and PSHE. 

Throughout the key stage, we try and instill skills such as independence, resilience and a sense of achievement. It is our aim that every pupil meets their own potential through individualised learning. 

The children all have roles and responsibilities in the classroom to give them life skills to take forward into high school including being organised, good work ethic and social values. 



We encourage the children to read as often as possible. In school, an adult will listen to them reading aloud at least twice a week- one group session and on an individual basis whenever possible. The books should be in school every day as we take any opportunity to read with the children. We encourage the children to read a range of genres, especially in the guided reading sesssions, 



Homework is given to consolidate the learning for the children. It consists of a piece of maths and english work. Children are also expected to read to an adult at home 3 times a week and practice their spellings and multiplication on a regular basis. 

Homework will be given out on a Friday and should be handed in the following Wednesday.


TT Rockstars 

Children in school have a personal TT Rockstar login. They should be encouraged to access this as often as possible. Using it on a regular basis improves the children's recall of multiplciation and division facts. They will be rewarded with dojos in school for every 5000 coins that they earn. 



The children have also been given a username and password for IDLS- this is a program specifically designed to help children with spellings.   


Outdoor learning


We are fortunate at St William's to have a fantastic outdoor space. We try and use it as often as possible to enhance the learning for the children. Opportunities include maths orienteering courses, investigations, using nature to help with new concepts such as angles, shapes and different types of lines.  

During the autumn term, the children took part in Forest schools led by an outside company. These sessions developed the children's understanding of nature and also developed their social skills. 

The photos below show some of our outdoor learning experiences. 

Autumn Term- Food, Glorious Food


During the Autumn term, the whole school topic is food, glorious food. This topic will be taught throughout many of the different subject areas. 



  • Instructions - analysing, writing and using their own recipes 
  • Recounts - recounting all about making a smoothie, what worked well and what could be changed in the future. 
  • Stories by a well known author- as a class we will be reading James and the Giant Peach, we will then innovate the story and write our own versions. We will also be thinking about Roald Dahl and how his inspiration for writing came from his own life experiences.
  • Plays and using scripts- the children will be looking at playscripts, the layout, stage directions and the dialogue between characters. We will be using Oliver Twist as a basis and will encompass elements of drama and hotseating. 
  • Poetry - we will be reading examples of harvest poetry, this will be used as a basis to innovate and create our own poems, both in a classical format and also to create shape poems. 



  • At St William's the children receive a spiral curriculum in maths, this means that they will cover the same topics each term, but the strategies and the work will be different. This helps the children to consolidate their learning. 
  • The children will cover the following topics: Place Value, Addition and Subtraction, Multiplciation and Division, Fractions, Shape, Measures (including time) and Statistics   
  • The curriculum will be enhanced by linking the topic wherever possible. Links include the study of nutritional values (percentages, measurements etc), recipes that will be doubled/ halved and ratios included. Shape through the study of packaging where nets will be designed. 


Design and Technology 

The children will be analysing and making their own soups



We will be learning all about the Bible, how it is made up of the Old and New Testament. Children will learn how to find Bible references independently and share stories that have some meaning to them. 

The chidlren will be finding out about Moses and Abraham, and how they are so significant to our faith. 



All children have PE on a Monday afternoon. Fleetwood Town Community Trust team teach with members of staff, this is to share their expertise and to upskill our teachers.



Some chidlren will go swimming on a Thursday morning, individuals will recieve a letter about this. The children that are selected are the children that have not yet met their Key Stage 2 swimming objectives: to swim 25m on their front and back, to swim using a recognisable stroke and to complete a water safety activity.